Fruit Salads gone CRAZY inside a fruit shell

Sandia Loca  (Crazy Watermelon): A watermelon rind filled with a mix of watermelon and other fruits with chamoy, topped with Mexican candies (including the Crazy tamarind apple) and Japanese and spicy peanuts.  Currently out of season. Will be back around Summer time!

Sandia Loca

Sandia Loca

Piña Loca (Crazy Pineapple): A pineapple shell filled with a mix of pineapple and other fruits with chamoy, topped with Mexican candies, and a dollop of DOLE Pineapple soft-serve with a tamarind candy straw.

Pepinos Locos (Crazy Cucumbers): peeled cucumbers with a rim of lemony, spicy chili dust, carved from the middle and then filed with mango and peanuts, at the sides more pieces of cucumber, mango, and jicama, finally it’s all drizzled with chamoy sauce!

Crazy Tamarind Apple: A Granny Smith (green) apple coated with a layer of tamarind candy, dusted with a layer of Tajín/chili candy. Step away from the normal caramel apple, and give this flavorful apple a try!