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Stay updated on Slusheeland’s journey and be part of it’s journey. See it grow and take over the world (Just kidding). There’s no plans to take the world but definitely to make it a better place.

We will be having promos through social network so stay connected to make sure you are not missing out. Also stay updated on our new items!

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    2 Comments so far:

    1. alexis says:

      LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! customer service is wonderful! They’re always have a smile on their face and welcome you in, cant really find that now a days. Very positive vibe love the bright colors! KEEP IT UP SLUSHLEELAND WORKERS

    2. Katherine says:

      I love Slusheeland! All the different items are amazing and the employees here are so nice. They quickly get your order done and it’s very clean, everything about this place is amazing. I would love to work here!

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